BOM Mission

Breakout Music’s mission is two-fold 1) fortify exceptional artists with strategic and personalized game plans to elevate their brand & careers, and 2) create and produce feel-good, thought-provoking screenplays that elevate society.

BOM Founding Team

BreakOut Music was founded in 2019 by Co-CEO’s Miriam Bavly, Harvard BA & MS and Peter John, LSU JD, MBA. Miriam Bavly, brings years of strategic planning and industry experience, with award-winning media and film production work. Peter John, an entertainment lawyer and accomplished artist, has represented artists in million-dollar label deals and has himself been at the top of the Billboard and iTune Charts. The duo has created a formative team that has accomplished the highest level of music and media standards, as BOM work can be found on BET, Music Choice, terrestrial and Sirrius radio, and many other platforms.

BOM is an active member of the Recording Academy & committed to charitable endeavors in our community.